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Air visuals montage
Air visuals montage
Land visuals montage
Land visuals montage
Sea visuals montage
Sea visuals montage

The WW1 Centenary Exhibition opened at the Melbourne Museum in April 2015 to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War. This is the most historical and significant exhibition from IWM (Imperial War Museums) to ever leave Great Britain and visit our shores!

iEC commissioned pictureDRIFT to create ambient animated content for the immersive central trench walkway space which forms the spine and pathway of the exhibition and features a giant animated panorama projected across 4 huge screens with astounding resolution and detail. The ambient visuals are informed by the design aesthetic of WW1 war posters and paintings on display in the exhibition and feature accurately detailed vehicles, weapons, people and landscapes. pictureDRIFT also created ambient animated content for the three main exhibition rooms, taking visitors on a journey of how the war was fought on land, in the air, and at sea.


direction, design and animation | Brendan Cook
Illustration and animation | Duncan Irving
3D animation | Joshua Edwards
illustration (land) | Cartel Artists
audio design | idee und klang


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