Little Ted's Big Adventure


The creators of Australia's iconic and favourite children's' program Playschool invited pictureDRIFT to create the opener for a new 20 part series "Little Ted's Big Adventure". In the series, Little Ted explores various modes of transport including the Kuranda train, a paddle-steamer and a submarine. For the opener, Little Ted's journey across land, air and sea are explored in a pop up layered, stopframe approach. It was an exciting opportunity to work with the amazing art department team at ABC’s Children’s Television, who built numerous vehicles and props for Little Ted to travel in.
pictureDRIFT also worked with HarperCollins to illustrate the companion story book.


Creative Direction | Brendan Cook
Design and Animation | Michelle Lau
Animation | Nick George
Photography | Anthony Geernaert
Art Director | Venetia Armstrong-Smith
Props | Trish Hickey
Props | Shane Robertson
Music | Sean Peter




2D Animation
Stop motion