Husky The Woods


pictureDRIFT were very excited to collaborate with Melbourne band Husky to create a video for their single "The Woods". After one listen we knew the song was something very special, and since it's release the band has been signed to The legendary Sub Pop label home to the likes of Nirvana, Fleet Foxes and The Shins. During the dark of night, Husky Gawenda and the band stand on a cliff watching the bright lights of a distant city, slowly they are transformed into trees which then bloom in the morning sun, creating a beautiful forest.


Concept | Ariella Gery
Direction | Brendan Cook
Direction | Darryn Rogers
Design & Animation | Brendan Cook
Design & Animation | Brendan Cook
Compositing & Animation | Peter Nizic
Compositing & Animation | Nick George
Cinematography | Kevin Scott


Music Video


Live action
2D Animation