QBE Insurance wheels TVC


QBE commissioned a new television commercial to screen heavily during the 2013 Tour de France.
Agency creative director Steve Sidhu created a script which focussed on the kinds of wheels used in the various modes of transportation that QBE insurance covers. Building on the "frozen moments" theme developed in the first two commercials pictureDRIFT made for QBE, our treatment involved creating a continuous fluid and free moving camera, which navigates and transitions through simple stylised scenes frozen in time within a clean white space.
QBE Wheels was shot with a motion control camera, the footage was then tracked and rotoscoped to allow
minimal stylised graphic environments to be added, giving each scene a sense of context.


Agency | SOSS Creative
Production Company | ShotBox
Direction | Brendan Cook
3D & Compositing | Shanu Shukla
3D & Compositing | Brendan Cook
Compositing & Tracking | Trevor Coates
Music | Klang
Cinematography | Simon Chapman




Live action
3D Animation