Mandela My Life Exhibition


MANDELA My Life : The Official Exhibition, is a new world class exhibition on Nelson Mandela’s extraordinary life, curated from the extensive collections of the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg. pictureDRIFT was invited by Interp and iEC Exhibitions to create two animated films for the exhibition. The 'Early Years' film occupies a twelve metre floor to ceiling screen in the second room of the exhibition. Narrated by Mandela himself, the animated film explores the stories of Mandela's early years growing up in the Transkei with his family and Xhosa tribal elders, his journey through ceremony and his formal education at Healdtown College. The Rivona Trial film occupies three curved screens inside the entrance room and illuminates the original audio recording of Mandela speaking to the court in Pretoria at the 1964 Rivonia trial.


Direction, Design and Animation | Brendan Cook
Illustration | Simon Cowell c/o New Holland Creative
Animation | Darryn Rogers
Audio | Eye Candy Animation


Event visuals


Motion design
Cell animation